Monday, 11 March 2013

How I Sold My Virginity For N10, 000

I still remember that very cold night of September 1, the day I decided to sell my body even though I claim to be a born again Christian. I did that because I was tired and frustrated about my father’s constant nagging because I was still single at my age.
He made it look like a sin to be single. His constant nagging made me feel that God had forgotten about me after all my years of serving Him. It was frustrating still being a virgin and single at the age of 36. However, I sold my virginity to a man I don’t know, for a common N10, 000. If only I had remained just a little more patient at that time I would have married my God ordained husband but I thank God for giving me a second chance.

As a growing young woman, I had how I wanted my life to play out. For me, I should be married at the age 25 to the most loving and wonderful man on earth and be done with child bearing at age 30 or 31 and watch my children grow up with me.
But like the saying goes, man proposes but God disposes. I became a born again Christian in my second year at the University of Lagos. I was so deep into Christianity that all I had time for were church programmes and my books. I had some ‘brothers’ who liked me but then I was not interested in men because I felt they would be a distraction as I wanted to focus on school and God alone.
I am the eldest of four children, three girls and a boy. Our mother died about seven years ago and we were left with our father. The truth be told, I am the only Christian in my family, the others hardly go to church but it seems everything moved on fine for them except me. My two younger sisters got married to responsible and wealthy men while I was still praying to God to give me a husband.
I had moments when all I did was to cry myself to sleep because of my father’s attitude towards me regarding marriage. I had ‘brothers’ from church who asked for my hand in marriage but the problem was that they all wanted to go to bed with me first but that was not what I wanted. My father believed that I was still single because of my rules and standards; hence he decided to frustrate me.
Sometimes, when I get home from church, he would ask the gateman not to open the gate for me which means I had to go and sleep at any of my sister’s place. Sometimes once I get home especially from church, he would say, “Abigail, so where is the man you came home with? You carry the Bible everyday yet you are not married.
You sister’s who do not even go to church are married so what is the essence of carrying a Bible every day? You better ask your sisters how and where they got the men they got married to from so that you too can toe that path. It got so bad that he complains about whatever I do and this really worried me. One day, precisely September 1, I took a rather drastic decision which I still deeply regret.
I said to myself, “What has serving God and being a virgin at my age benefitted me? I am still single and my father is frustrating and making a mockery of me. I am tired. It is all going to end this night, I want to be wayward tonight,” I murmured. That night, I lied to my father that I was going for a vigil; he looked at me from headto- toe hissed and walked away. I found myself in front of a brothel with some other girls as my heart was beating so fast. In less than 20 minutes, two men arrived in a jeep and one said he was interested in spending the night with me; he introduced himself as Gabriel while the other man sat quietly as if he was disgusted with what his friend was doing.
He later introduced himself as Robert. Initially, I was so scared but after we talked for a while, I followed them to their room. Gabriel proposed to pay me N10, 000 and I agreed. When we got to the hotel, it was obvious that they had just come into the country. I spent the night with Gabriel in his room and he was surprised that I was a virgin. He asked me my age and I told him.
He shocked me when he said, “If at age 36 you are still a virgin, then, you should have had more patient and waited till your wedding night instead of giving it away to a total stranger and for a mere N10,000.” Tears dripped down my cheeks as if a sword was being used to pierce through my chest. “Abigail, the truth is that no matter what you are passing through in the hands of your father, you should have exercised more patient.
But the truth is that if I was not already married, I would have married you,” Gabriel emphasised. I left Gabriel’s hotel room feeling so sad and rejected. A week later, Hannah, my friend in church came to pay me a surprise visit at home. “Hannah, I can’t remember the last time you came to my house,” I said. She smiled and told me her brother who lives in the United Kingdom just came into the country. “My elder brother just came into the country. But Abigail what you don’t know is that I have told him a lot of good things about you.
One of the reasons he is in the country is so that he will meet you so that you people can talk. He said he is willing to settle down within three months if you agree to marry him.” At first I was happy but when I remembered what I had done, tears rolled down my eyes. For Hannah, she thought it was tears of joy that I was finally going to be married whereas for me, it was tears of regret.
Three days later, Hannah called to inform me that she had arranged for me to meet her brother in their house. I was so eager to meet him, however when I got there I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me. I discovered that her brother was Robert and he recognised me instantly while I pretended never to have seen him. “Brother Robert, meet my friend Abigail, the woman I have been telling you about. I know you will like her,” she stressed. “I have seen this face before. Yes, she was the prostitute Gabriel picked up some days ago,” he disclosed.
Hannah tried to tell him that he was mistaking me for someone else but he was so sure of what he was saying because I didn’t defend myself. At last, I told Hannah what happened and she was so disappointed. Robert told me, “I actually came to Nigeria because of you. My sister wanted me to get married to you because she likes and admires you so much. Hannah told me, you are the best wife any man could ask for but I guess she is wrong. As a born again Christian, you should have held on firmly to God no matter the temptation,” he emphasised. He told me to go back to God and ask for forgiveness. He also opened up that he would have gone ahead to marry me if I had slept with another man but not his best friend, Gabriel who was already married. I left there in tears and shame.
Hannah told me he went back to the UK about three days later disappointed and heartbroken. Well, I know some ladies out there would have done worse than I did, but I am not judging anyone. My main concern is that parents should stop tormenting and putting pressure on their unmarried daughters because they would only push them to do unimaginable things which they later regret in life and find it very difficult to forgive them.
It took me sometime to forgive my father because I blamed what I did on him. But just as Robert advised, I went back to God and asked forgiveness and I am happy to say that God gave me a second chance at marriage. I will be getting married in a few weeks.

Banky W Gets An Erection in Public (PHOTO)

A very ‘excited’ Banky W was pictured sporting an erection while hanging out with a couple of girls…

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tuface Idibia & Annie Macaulay’ Traditional Wedding (Photos)

The highly popularized traditional wedding ceremony of Nigerian singer Tuface Idibia and Nollywood actress Annie Macaulay that took place in Eket today was a success.

Several Nigerian celebrities stormed the city of Eket in Akwa Ibom state on Friday afternoon to celebrate 2face Idibia and Annie Macaulay’ wedding.

As at the time of this report, an all night party is rocking Annie Macaulay’s city of birth………

We learnt the governor of Akwa Ibom state, gave the couple a brand new Prado jeep.

They have scheduled their white wedding for March 23rd in Dubai.

Wishing them happy married life.

See more photos from Tuface Idibia and Annie Macaulay’ wedding below

How 18-year-Old Girl Escaped From Ritualists’ Den

18 year-old girl, Miss Ladi Okoro who works at Mararaba, a suburb of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, must have heard tales of how people fall victims of ritualists, yet she had not experienced one until Wednesday, 6th March, 2013 when some ritualists picked her and 2 others from Mopol Junction in Mararaba, after the young girl had closed from work.

Ladi who narrated her experience in the hands of the ritualists to DailyPost said she could only remember when the driver of the red taxi that picked them from the junction stopped for them to get into the car.
According to Ladi, it was like a movie scene as she only realized she was in trouble when she woke up midnight to discover that she was not in the house but in the midst of some strange faces.
“All I remembered at that point was when I got into that car. After then, we all slept off, and the driver of the red taxi took us far into the bush. I woke up midnight to realize that I was in a strange place. We met 5 other victims, but they were all ‘dead’ asleep”.
Ladi said the moment she realized that she was at the wrong place, she began to pray alongside one of the girls who boarded the same taxi.
“When I realized that I was in the wrong place, I quickly went into meditation and prayer. I told God that it was not yet time for me to die. We both refused to sleep.
When others were sleeping, we were crying and praying. They put guns on our head and asked us to keep quiet. We were never ready to give up as we continued to pray even in silence.
Fortunately for me, they stepped out of the uncompleted building, then my phone rang. I summoned courage to speak to my people. I had told them what had happened before the conversation was cut short, as the ritualists rushed into the building to cease all our phones, warning me and the other girl to remain quiet or we would be killed.”
“However, we did not stop crying and praying. Our persistent prayers put them off balance.”
Disclosing how both of them were freed, Ladi said ” We cried and prayed till the next day, and at about 9am, the ritualists had a brief meeting and threw our bags out of the building.
We walked round the bush, trying to trace our way back to town.
However, we came out at one express way, where we discovered that we had gone far into Kefi forest. We were helped by some good Nigerians.
A young boy who claimed he knew where the ritualists operate had volunteered to take the police to the uncompleted building. Though, we didn’t go with them again, we were told that the men had vacated the building before the police got there.”
Speaking on the fate of the other six they left at the place, Ladi said “I really pity them. They didn’t even know what was happening. They were deeasleep. Now that the police said they have vacated the uncompleted building, I really don’t know what must have happened to them. They could be killed.
I just pray nothing happens to them.”
Among the other six victims, Ladi said they were 4 young women and 2 young men.
When DailyPost visited one of the police stations around Kefi, in Nasarawa state, the police disclosed that they were told about the incident, and efforts were on top gear to rescue the remaining victims.
Ladi has since been reunited with her family after they had suffered much trauma.

Source: Gistpage

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

‘Devil Nurse’ Poses With Dead Patient, Then Posts The Picture On Facebook

A ‘nurse’ is being investigated after posting pictures on Facebook of herself standing over an apparently dead patient and asking people to guess if she is alive.

The woman, who was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, called herself the ‘soul thief’ and also posted comments including ‘Hail Satan’.
Authorities in St Gallen, Switzerland, about 85km from Zurich, have now launched an investigation and the public prosecutor said they will then decide whether to press charges.
Swiss authorities are now investigating after the woman, dressed as a nurse, posted a picture of an elderly patient and asked Facebook users to guess if she was alive or dead.
Pictures posted on her Facebook page include images of her dressed in a rubber nurse uniform in front of whips and chains and one of her standing in front of an ambulance
The woman, who goes by the name Ghostinthedark Satania Blaze on the social network site, put four pictures up of the patient lying in a bed, including close ups of the woman’s face.
In one she is seen leaning on the patient’s pillow and smiling.
When other Facebook users questioned the woman, she wrote: ‘I can put anything I want in my Facebook’.

One user wrote: ‘Why you put on fb a picture like this? Your boss at work know that?’
Another wrote: ‘That’s messed up and sad at the same time.’
But the woman retorted: ‘Death is normal people die all the time!’

Source: Gist Page

NOKIA 3310

Who can ever forget the Nokia 3310...Lols!

Please what do you say abut this picture?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nigerian Gay Church Resume Operations In Lagos

Less than five years after Nigeria-only gay church, House of Rainbow, was attacked by some Lagos residents and consequently closed down in Nigeria, the church has returned to the country with three secret groups in the African most populous nation.
With this development, Nigeria appears to lead other countries where the church currently operates.
Founded by Nigerian-born gay, Rev. Rowland Jide Macaulay, House of Rainbow, which came to Nigeria in 2006, is “an inclusive and affirming religious community open and welcome to all people including sexual minorities and marginalised people, a monthly gathering of ‘people of faith’ for ‘prayer and praise’, which focuses on the person’s journey towards reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality.”
Macaulay, a trained lawyer and son of a reverend who owns a massive church in Lagos, is leading the comeback even though he remains in self-imposed exile in London, where sources said he currently enjoys lots of financial sponsorship for the movement.
Unlike in the pre-2008 when the church openly operated at Jakande Estate, Isolo, and Berger in Lagos, Macaulay, who is the backbone of the movement, is not secretive of the meeting places and time of the church in Nigeria, but has instituted a very stringent process to screen prospective members of coming to join the church.
It was learnt that aside Nigeria, the church has two groups each in Ghana and United Kingdom (UK).
“We now have new groups in Malawi and Ghana. There are currently three groups in Nigeria, two each in Ghana and the UK and one each in Malawi, Lesotho and Burundi. All these groups are managed by volunteers,who are appointed through a rigorous ‘Local Leader Application’ process.
“We currently have 12 appointed Local Leaders in 6 countries. Currently we have over 25 outstanding applications for local leaders including, but not limited to the following locations: France, Netherlands, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra-Leone. This has continued to strengthen the interest and work of House Of Rainbow particularly in Africa,” Macaulay

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cultism: Another LASU student gunned down as Damino Damoche is buried

Following speculation that there would be reprisal attacks over the killing of an upcoming Hip-hop artiste and student of the Lagos State University, Damino Daomche, another student has been reportedly shot dead.

Details of the shooting is not clear but there are indications that this is as a result of the killing which happened last Thursday at the institution’s second gate.

Meanwhile, Damoche, the student who was earlier killed has been laid to rest today in Ipaja. He was shot two times by unknown gunman suspected to be a cult member .

Many people have condemned the killing and called for a stop to the menace of cultism in the country’s tertiary institutions.

Source : Gist page

Friday, 1 March 2013

Impotent Man Killed Himself In Asaba Delta State Over Inability To Make Love To Wife

A despondent palm wine tapper, identified as Nwandu (Surname withheld) operating in Ugbolu community near Asaba, yesterday, allegedly committed suicide following his inability to make love to his wife in the last few weeks.

Reports said that the palm wine tapper, a native of Ogbaru in Anambra state, has been married to his wife for over seven years before his sex organ began to disappoint him.

Sources said that the man has been having problem with his genitals since the beginning of the month of February this year.

The resultant failure on his part to satisfy his wife sexually, gave rise to repeated quarrels especially as he blamed malaria for his dereliction of duty.

It was gathered that the situation persisted until last Thursday night when he allegedly made another failed attempt.

Sources revealed that the palm wine tapper in the early hours of that fateful day had complained of stomach discomfort to his wife who unsuspectingly gave him tissue paper for toilet.

But the near hopeless dashed into the bush path where he allegedly hung himself on a tree.

Police authorities in the state confirmed that the body of the palm wine tapper has been deposited at the Federal Medical Centre Mortuary for autopsy and added that investigation was ongoing.

[Story By Daily Independent ]

15-Year-Old Boy Rapes Girl, 14 After Watching Porn For Hours

15-year-old boy brutally rapes schoolgirl of 14-years-old after spending hours on pornography websites.

Trying to re-enact sadistic scenes he had viewed on hardcore porn sites, the 15-year-old had the girl gagged, bound, beaten up, and raped.

He and a friend had threatened the girl with knives, had her head covered with a plastic bag and a scarf tightened around her neck before carrying out the act.

The battered and bruised girl had to bite through the bag in order to breathe and has been left emotionally and psychologically scarred.

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, said:

“I have no doubt the trigger for this offence was the child’s wish for experimentation following visits to internet porn.”

At an earlier hearing Judge Bourne Arton -where he described the attack as ‘heinous’- told the older boy:
“The full horror of what you did, only she can know. You had for many months, spent many days trawling through internet pornography.
“The full horror of what you did, only she can know. You had for many months, spent many days trawling through internet pornography.
Your interest in sexual matters was heightened and heightened, unfulfilled, and you wanted to experiment.
The relatives of the girl and the rapist have called on the Government to design a measure to help stop kids’ access to online pornography.
Weak-willed you may be and weak-minded you may be, but you knew everything that you did to her. You may have been led, but you were led willingly.’
The girl’s father, who runs a small business, added: ‘This will affect her for the rest of her life. She’s very quiet now, she’s a different person.”
“Restrictions should be put in place.

This attack on my daughter was pre-planned. They were re-enacting porn they had watched online.

Kids of five are looking at porn, which is horrendous. When we were that age we were playing with toy soldiers.” the girl’s dad spoke out.
he continued: “They can get it anywhere, on their iPhones and other mobiles really easily. Any porn is inappropriate for children but it’s the extreme violent nature of it that is worrying.”
The older boy and accomplice friend, 14 admitted that they had engaged in rape and false imprisonment at an earlier hearing.
The 15-year-old is sentenced to three years at Teesside Crown Court while his friend bagged a four-year time for having been the one who instigated the idea. But the girl’s father slammed the terms:
He said:
“They’ll be out in a year, perhaps two. But this will affect my daughter for ever. She is very quiet now, she is a different person.”
The older boy’s gran said after the case: “We had no idea he was watching porn until it was said in court.”

Suggesting ways to curb chiljd access to online porn, Lisa Harker, of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), said:
“Sadly we are hearing about more and more cases like this. ChildLine has seen a surge in calls from young people exposed to hard core pornography on the internet and from young girls saying they are being pestered, coerced and even forced into mimicking these videos.
The industry must help parents block these videos.”
Vivienne Pattison, director of campaign group Mediawatch-UK, added:
“This case is a potent example of the potential damage that can be done by porn.
It’s definitely the way forward to block porn for everyone unless they opt in to it.”

Source: Gist page

Driver Runs Away With Truck First Day Of Employment

driver with Dunamis Excel Company, Niyi Omoshanu, has allegedly absconded with an LT-40 pickup filled with the product of the company.

The driver allegedly took off with the properties on his first day at work in the firm.
Subsequent police investigation had shown that every document and information that Omoshanu presented to the company were false.
The company’s Chief Executive Officer, who pleaded to be identified only by his first name, Funso, told PUNCH Metro that Omoshanu was employed without getting his approval.
He said, “My company produces both bottled and sachet water but I am not always at our factory because we have manager who takes charge of things there.
“We own three trucks and often use them to make deliveries to our customers.”
Funso said when the driver resumed, there was a “minor challenge” at the factory as some goods due to be delivered to a customer could not be moved to their destination.
He said, “On Feburary 11, 2013, we were scheduled to make a delivery at Adeniji Adele on Lagos Island but the driver, who was to make the delivery had not shown up.
“The general manager had interviewed Omoshanu with the aim of verifying his contacts later.
“Since there was no other driver available, the manager decided to allow Omoshanu begin work so that he could make the delivery.”
He said about 12pm, Omoshanu was accompanied by two motor-boys working for the company to make the delivery.
Odegbami said, “I was told that as they were about to take off after the delivery, one of the motor-boys discovered that the payment made by the customer was incomplete. So he came out of the vehicle and went back to the lady. After a while, Omoshanu told the second motor-boy to get his colleague so that they could leave the area on time because of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.
“The diver told them that he was not comfortable being on the spot where the vehicle was parked.”
Immediately the second boy went into the customer’s office, Omoshanu took off with the vehicle and the remaining goods.
The first boy, who came out, allegedly chased the vehicle. But Omoshanu was too fast and drove in the direction of Third Mainland.
When the general manager received the news, he dug up Omoshanu’s curriculum vitae and referees.
However, every one of them turned out to be false.
On his CV, Omoshanu had given his house address as 218 Enuowa Street, Lagos Island. But police discovered that it was a non-existent house number.
On his driver’s licence, there was a different address in Ilupeju. That adress turned out to be false also. His telephone number 07011940708 had also been switched off.
The white LT-40 truck, with registration number, KJA 486 XD, has also not been found.
Funso said, “We took it upon ourselves to check all LASTMA stations and Vehicle Inspection Unit offices, but the truck was not found. The case is still at Soloki Police Station Aguda.
The state Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the incident.
Braide said, “After the matter was reported at the police station, the suspect was trailed to an address at Okokomaiko. The address turned out to be fake.
The suspect is still at large and investigation is still ongoing.”

Damino Damoche, Lasu final year student shot dead

Aye Vs BUCA cultists In Rivalry War…… Final Year LASU Student Shot Dead…

Lagos State University students experienced commotion yesterday during a brutal cult attack on a final year LASU student, upcoming singer Olaniyan Damilola Ibrahim.

Popularly called Damino Damoche by his fans, he came into limelight after the release of his hit songs “Dadubule, Obo To She”.

According to eyewitnesses of this brutality, Damilola just finished his lecture on Thursday afternoon when he met his untimely death in the hand some suspected Aye cultists who shot him at close range at Lagos State University entrance.

Damino who just finished a test at Management Science Faculty was shot with a powerful riffle two times on thursday afternoon.

He suffered multiple bullet wounds to his hand and neck. He reportedly died on the spot.

Before his untimely death yesterday, he was a final year student of banking and finance at LASU (Lagos State University).

According to findings, Damino was a member of BUCA cult group. He was allegedly killed by some AYE cultists yesterday afternoon.

AYE and BUCA cult members for the months have engaged in serious supremacy battle. They are bitter enemies who vowed to kill each other one after the other.

Beware of cultism students!

This is serious. May his soul rest in perfect peace.