Sunday, 30 December 2012

Girls these days....some of their Eyebrows look like they are sponsored by NIKE

Funny how you’d come across some girls And get disgusted on their you do it.... i was walking down my street this noon and met this young lady...she's try small sha (make i commend am) but what discouraged me more was the application of the make-up on her, fuck it...i was tempted much i had to ask her if was an ambassador to NIKE and she gave me this funny look (for her mind, na str8 face)...i laughed and told her no offence that she was actually looking good and pretended i wanted to set her p...started a convo with her and she responded so great (she don c fresh guy) and we walked down the road together as I continue to wash her with OMO and she kept on smiling like she's been guranteed 1m the time we got to where we need go our seperate ways, i told her to lemmi take a picture of her (she change am for me) that i just wanted to keep staring at them on my fone so dat i can always remind myself of her good looks (yimu) and upon her submission to my request, i snapped her and ma fone hanged for like 27mins (no b lie ooo) here's a picture of her
no harsh feelings on you girls o but you people can be hilarious atimes what do u think about this girl?

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