Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Below are Top 30 Unbelievable facts about Nigeria, some of them are real while others are pure humor, so don't take them seriously...

* Nigeria is the only country where everybody looks forward to hearing the First Lady speak.
* Lagos state Government lock 7 churches for noise pollution.
* An Ibo man hustles from Jan 2nd to Dec 24th, only to spend it all in the village in 1 week..
* Nigeria’s President has the highest vehicle convoy in the world.
* 90% of people who are indigenes of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state have gaps between their teeth.
* Only 18 people out of 18000 who registered passed NECO and WAEC in Gombe state.
* Females from IMO state Nigeria have more hair on their chest than the males.
* The cost of living in Abuja is more expensive than the cost of living in London.
* Nigeria has the highest number of musicians in the world.
* Abuja girls are materialistic, expensive but cheap.
* Beware of Edo girls.
* Maiduguri girls have the longest hair.
* Fulani girls have the longest tongue.
* Ibo girls are stingy and greedy.
* There’s a place called Sabo in every state in Nigeria.
* Gwagwalada is the hottest place in Nigeria.
* Osun state has the highest number of yahoo boys in the country.
* 4 out of every 5 Edo girls has connect in Italy.
* Calabar girls don’t want your money, all they need is your energy.
* China’s best market is Nigeria.
* An average Ibo man can smell money that is 100 meters away.
* Nigeria are the highest users of slangs in Africa, 2nd only to USA in the world.
* The most spoken phrase in Nigeria is “How far?”…

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